A: More than 20 professional mold design engineers are working in our well-equipped computerized system, including plastic flow analysis could be applied as the customer needs. The Project Engineer will be assigned to coordinate with the customer and internal factory on techniques, mold scheduling, etc. If a customer requests, our Project Engineer will arrive your site at once for solving any kind of issues proposed by customers. Our Project Engineer and Factory Manager will be 24 hours Stand-by for communicating with our overseas customer. The Tele Conference is also one of the options to be conducted in any time.
  B: More than 5 professional plastic injection engineers are working in our Quality Assurance, who are responsible to test molds. Meanwhile, we owned several injection machines in our facility plus the qualified mold injection factory where are near our factory within 15 minutes travelling distance. The process of mold testing will be well recorded as well as any defects come from parts and the mold shall be fixed immediately. All molds before shipped out, they will be double checked by our Production and QA. Meanwhile, the detail “Mold Manual” will be enclosed to the mold when it is shipped. We promise that we are able to test the mold and provide the injection parts in 8hours if the customer requests, whenever weekday or weekend.
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